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Recent Newsletters

The association has an occasional newsletter. You can see them using the links in the table:

Jan 2016Newsletter-2016-01.pdfJan 2016
Feb 2016Newsletter-2016-02.pdfFeb 2016
May 2016Newsletter-2016-05.pdfMay 2016
Aug 2016Newsletter-2016-07.pdfJun 2016
Sep 2016Newsletter-2016-09.pdfSep 2016
Nov 2016Newsletter-2016-11.pdf
Feb 2017Newsletter-2017-02.pdf
Apr 2017Newsletter-2017-04.pdf
May 2017Newsletter-2017-05.pdf
Jun 2017Newsletter-2017-06.pdf
Aug 2017Newsletter-2017-08.pdf
Oct 2017Newsletter-2017-10.pdf
Dec 2017Newsletter-2017-12.pdfWaffle Berry pie recipe
Mar 2018Newsletter-2018-03.pdf
May 2018Newsletter-2018-05.pdf
Aug 2018Newsletter-2018-08.pdf
Sep 2018Newsletter-2018-09.pdf
Nov 2018Newsletter-2018-11.pdf

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