The December 1982 edition of the Boissy Bulletin reported:

Signing the Twinning Documents

Signing the Twinning Documents

Boissy/Colney Heath Twinning

But yes... it is done... ! Since September 25, Boissy is officially twinned with Colney Heath.

For the occasion, the President of the "Twinning Association" Mr Dudley WOOD, the Mayor of Colney Heath, Mr PRODGER, the General Counsel Mr ELLIS, Jenny WOOD (who helped a lot in the meeting of our two towns) and many others, some already known to us, others not, 54 persons in all, had come to Boissy, hosted by thirty French families.

For the occasion, A.B.A.I., the representatives of the Municipality, the children of the schools, the Associations, the ladies and gentlemen of Boissy, we were all there!

It is with a great emotion that we heard the musical society of Boissy play the national anthems, while the children of the schools waved English and French flags.

Then came the speeches, a lot of speeches, French-English, English-French, all talking about friendship, of joy and of brotherhood, recalling the trip of our messenger Bernard COURT without who the "marriage" could not have taken place.

After the signature of the official act of Twinning, the keys of our town were given to our British friends. Gifts were exchanged, of which two books in English were given by A.B.A.I.

The Musical Society closed this official ceremony by playing the national anthems again.

Yes, this was a beautiful friendship that was sealed, as one always does in France, with a glass in the hand!!

And then... the party continued soccer matches French versus English, Albert BEATS coming to reinforce our friend's team of amateurs.

Everyone participated in the athletic competitions, according to their aptitudes; including two English children who won the egg throwing competetion.

A very busy weekend, but also successful ... Do we return quickly, Colney Heath friends, A.B.A.I. is proud of this success.

Thank you also to the numerous families that warmly welcomed our English friends.

We hope to meet the people from Colney Heath again at the time of our planned visit in May 1983.

In order to prepare this trip, we ask interested people - the persons that received our friends and equally those that did have the opportunity - to contact a member of A.B.A.I. as early as possible.