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Old Colney Heath 2018 Calendar

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The Colney Heath Twinning Association has produced a Calendar for several years featuring interesting pictures of Colney Heath and stories from bygone years. It includes ample space to write down your appointments and useful dates such as school holidays and when to change your clocks.

Our calendar is available for sale from around November each year and are very popular. They are ideal for use at home and to send to friends and relatives to show them historic photos of where you live. To reserve copies please contact John Rowland at 30 Roestock Gardens, 01727 823007 or click here to email him. Remember to include your contact information.

Scroll down to see all the photos from the 2018 Calendar. Each month features a different historic photo of Colney Heath together with a caption and a short description. The calendar is approx 15 x 43 cm (w x h).

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