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Family Misfortune August 1948

Background Information from the Herts Advertiser

"Ex-Service Man and Family Evicted at Colney Heath

A POLICE officer, the St Albans bailiff and a small group of neighbours watched the eviction of a family from their home at Colney Heath on Monday.

Mr. Eric Richard Bush, an ex-service man, married, with a five year old son, had been given notice to quit the rooms that they occupied at 'The Chalet', Tollgate-road, owned by his father, Mr. John Bush a farm labourer. He had nowhere else to go and was looking for a place to store his furniture, which was stacked in a neat pile on the grass verge outside the bungalow. Inside the bungalow was his father, whose first wife died some years ago. Recently he married again.

The eviction followed a possession order made against the son at St Albans County Court some six weeks ago.

While Mr. Eric Bush was removing his furniture from the building, assisted by his wife their son Michael was riding his tricycle up and down the footpath and playing with a teddy bear. P.c. Day was present to see there was no breach of the peace and Mr. R Thompson, the Court bailiff, saw that the possession order was complied with.

Mr. Eric Bush, a 28 year-old farm stockman, served in the Royal Artillery for four years during the war and went through France, Belguim, Holland and Germany. When his mother died, his wife looked after the father at the 'Chalet'.

'We lived there as a family,' said Mr. Eric Bush to a Herts Advertiser reporter. 'Someone will take pity on us. We have good neighbours.' Mr. Bush, senior, refused to comment on the situation. 'I am ignoring everyone.' was all he would say.

Mr. and Mrs. E Bush and their son are now staying with neighbour, Mrs. E. J. Crick, of 'Ridgement' Tollgate-road, Colney Heath, and the furniture is stored temporarily in a shed at the bottom of the garden. They expect to get a house in about three weeks."