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About the Twinning Association

"promoting friendship and understanding between people"

The CBTA runs an annual programme of social events for our UK members including quiz nights, summer afternoon tea, BBQ and boules competition, dinner dance, and other special events. These help build friendship and community spirit. People who may be interested in becoming a member of the Association can attend these events as a guest.

While friendships are maintained virtually through social media, our events provide the opportunity to meet with time to chat, and to make and get to know new friends. Some of our members are from generations who have lived in the area providing a connection to the roots of our community for others who have come to live here more recently.

For members who wish to be optionally twinned with a French family we aim to pair members with a similar profile - age, children, etc. Close friendships have evolved from these pairings over the years. Many of our members do not speak French but manage to get along fine with their French family.

Around the end of May each year we organize a long weekend event, alternating between Colney Heath and Boissy for members paired with a French family, around 40 to 50 of our members attend. They stay with their "twin" family in France and visa versa. Weekends include visits to local sights and a "Soirée" attended by all. Some UK and French members who have formed close friendships visit each other at other times of the year.

Our Association is not affiliated to any religious or political organization is open to all social groups and nationalities.

Membership benefits

  • being part of the active community organisation
  • events at weekends for families and evenings for adults through the year
  • making friends in our area
  • contributing to other community events
  • optional pairing with a French family and bi-annual weekend trip to the village of Boissy in France
  • educational and friendship opportunities for children

Ability to speak French is not needed!

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