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Visit of Romain

by Jessica Everall (Aged 14)

Romain and Charlie (the horse) During July my family and I had Romain, the grandson of Annick & Christian, to stay for a week. Romain came to school with me for a week at Francis Bacon where he joined in all my lessons.

During this week we had a day off school and went up to London on the train, where we visited the Science Museum & Natural History Museum as Romain really likes dinosaurs. Dinosaur at the Natural History Museum

The week before Romain came my form had won a competition for punctuality and as our prize we went bowling on the Friday afternoon while Romain was here so he came with us. Also during the week we went dog training with Carole Loader, horse riding, attended the Colney Heath Scout & Guide AGM & Annual Review, rock climbing, went out for bike rides and also I taught him how to land a flip on the trampoline.

On the Sunday 15th July we went up to Covent Garden, to the Royal Opera House with my school. While there we attended an Introduction to the Opera, Sing-A-Long-Tosca where we were able to sing with some members of the cast and also saw the whole Opera Tosca by Puccini.

Romain and Shirley Everall Jessica's class

Also when we were having lunch there were members of the cast walking around in their costumes and they had a brass band consisting of: 1 Trombone, 2 Trumpets, 1 French Horn and a Euphonium playing songs from the musicals.

Jessica and members of the cast Brass Band

We had a great time with Romain and I am now hoping that I can find time to go and stay with Romain and his family.

If we hadn't been members of Colney Heath Twinning Association this opportunity would never have happened thank-you.

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