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Visit to Boissy 2016

We departed from Colney Heath at 06.15, took the 09.25 ferry from Dover and arrived in Boissy before 18.00 after taking a route via Marne La Vallée which avoided the Périphérique.

In Boissy the sun was shining and everyone was waiting to greet us in the Rue Pasteur wearing their white ABAI T-shirts

Everyone wearing ABAI T-shirts

Soon after this photo everyone departed to their hosts' homes for a meal and a chance to catch up on what had been happening during the previous year. During Saturday everyone stayed with their families but in the evening we all got together at a guinguette, a traditional dance hall/restaurant, on the banks of the river Marne.

People with their hats

There some of us chose to wear hats - the more ridiculous the better.

View of rooms with 9 tables

We had an excellent meal and danced the evening away to traditional music played on an accordian and a keyboard. More detailed pictures are below.

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All too soon it was Monday morning and time to leave after one final group photograph. Can you spot who is missing from the photo below?

Everyone gathered ready for departure

Our thanks go to ABAI, Ed, Sandy and John R for the photos.